Building a more unified brand.

The Chancellor’s Office visual identity represents the system office of a diverse network of 114 colleges throughout California. The Chancellor’s Office mark should convey trust and elevate the perception of community colleges as effective institutions of post-secondary learning. This project seeks to formalize the Chancellor’s Office visual identity system and provide a set of tools to help California Community Colleges projects, programs and initiatives standardize their representation of the system.

The Current Brand

  • Since its introduction, the brand has gone through uses that lack standardization and don’t match with a unified brand identity.
  • The lack of unity in the Chancellor’s Office brand makes it more difficult for the system to convey trust and elevate the perception of community colleges.
  • Brand fragmentation can lead to confusion for students and stakeholders.

Audience Perceptions

  • Feedback from over 700 California Community College leaders and communicators identified broad support for standardizing and updating the Chancellor’s Office brand.
  • A majority of participants supported:

    • Updating current visuals to bring them more in line with current graphic needs and standards.
    • Developing and enforcing guidelines for brand usage.
    • Developing communications standards and guidance for initiatives and Chancellor’s Office-funded projects.

Research by Interact Communications conducted in the spring of 2017.

Why Update?

  • Clarity: Clearly communicate the mission and goals of the Chancellor’s Office and bring the brand into alignment with the Vision for Success.
  • Consistency: Organize programs, initiatives, and directives administered, directed, and sponsored by the Chancellor’s Office under one umbrella.
  • Recognition: Increased consistency in the representation of the largest system of higher education in the nation can lead to increased recognition of the internal and external reach to stakeholders.
  • Better for students: Students will be able to better determine official Chancellor’s Office projects and know that they are visiting websites they can trust.