Brand Hierarchy

It is important that the California Community Colleges maintain a unified identity at every level of the organization.


Specific logo lockups have been developed for the different organizational tiers of the California Community Colleges system. The table below shows the type of lockup appropriate for various offices and programs.


These logo variants maintain the California Community Colleges brand across a diverse range of offices and programs. No matter which level  you are operating on, the basics of the brand remain the same. Please refer to the Brand Basics for colors, typefaces, and other brand guidelines.

Tertiary Logos

Tertiary brand lockups are composed of the primary California Community Colleges signature and the appropriate tertiary brand element, separated by a piping bar.


The tertiary brand element must always appear in lockup with the primary signature, and should not appear on its own. If your office or program falls under the tertiary category, a logo lockup has been created for you; contact us at to receive your logo files.